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Social Media Free Giveaway Competition 

  • Follow the simple steps below and be in to win (scroll down)
  • Three prizes to giveaway including a bamboo keyboard and mouse, a psychedelic therapy hoodie and a pair of premium hemp shoes
  • Please make sure to read the rules below
  • #factorypricesgiveaway

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Our new Facebook Page needs some LOVE! Follow us and get tickets in the draw to win 1 of these super cool  hoodies. Choose between psychedelic therapy, cannabis therapy and cannabis education options. Additional prizes include a bamboo keyboard and premium hemp shoes

 Our goal is 2000 follows 

  • Winners drawn when reached
  • Help us get there by promoting this page and #factorypricesgiveaway

More Prizes - Choose From our range of Premium Hemp Shoes

Make a fashion statement while saving the planet … what could be better? Remember the more you recommend, the more chances you get to win. 

Step 3

Share and recommend #factorypricesgiveaway – no limit on tickets

  • Share content from our social media channels using #factorypricesgiveaway (you must use this hashtag when you share content to get a ticket)
  • Tag a friend. You can tag as many friends as you like but no more than 5 in one post – again you must use the hashtag #factorypricesgiveaway when you tag people and share content
  • You get a ticket in the draw for every share and person tagged
  • Do this as often as you like across the channels and get a ticket each time for each channel
  • Note – you must  share content on our social media pages – simply liking content on the page does not get you a ticket

Step 4 Optional

Get 5 more tickets by joining our loyalty program 

  • It’s free and takes less than a minute to join our loyalty program
  • All members automatically get 10% discount on first orders and earn points for any purchases in  our store
  • While competition is running, anyone who joins the loyalty program will also automatically be given 5 tickets in the draw for our social media giveaway competition

Step 5

Win prizes

  • Choose between a bamboo keyboard, premium quality hemp shoes, or one of psychedelic therapy hoodies from the “Think outside the box” collection.
  • First drawn gets first choice of prize, second gets second choice, and third gets what is left

Ground Floor

5% commission

Going Places

10% Commission



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