HT45 Small Excavator 2024

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Combines high power with fuel efficiency, featuring a water-cooling diesel engine and a robust hydraulic system.

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High fuel efficiency,super power. Saving energy and protecting environment

High performance with a ZN490 engine, weighing 4500 kg. Offers a bucket capacity of 0.26 m³ and a maximum digging depth of 2.545 meters. Tailored for large-scale projects with a maximum digging radius of 4.73 meters.

Boundary dimension Working rage
Transport length 4400 mm Max. Digging height 4450 mm
Transport height 2200 mm Max.dumping height 3050 mm
Chassis width 1530/1600 mm Max. Digging depth 2545 mm
Track width 300 mm Maximum digging distanc 4630 mm
Total track length 2175 mm Max.Digging radius 4730 mm
Track gauge 1703 mm Minimum radius of gyration 1820 mm
Pltom ground clearance 557 mm Maximum lfting height of earth shovel 359 mm
The maximum digging depth of dozer 268 mm
Min Tail swing radius 1170 mm
Engine Performance parameter
Engine model ZN490 Clirmbing abilifty 35°
Power 34 KW Max. digging force 55.6KN
Coling method Water-cooling Diesel engine Travel speed 2.4/4.6km/h
Hydraulic system Rall contact pressure on the ground 34.8kpa(0.355kgf/cm2
Operating Pressure 22 mpa Specification
Waliking motor Two speed plunger Bucket Capacity 0.26m3
Rotary motor Variable plunger Fuel reservoir 60L
The main pump 32cc Plunger 32cC Hydraulic tank capacity 75L
Flow 99/min Operating Weight 4500kg
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