HT13 Mini Excavator 2024

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Features a robust KOOP 192 engine with a bucket capacity of 0.025 m³, designed for medium-scale construction projects.

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Offers a Koop engine with a bucket capacity of 0.025 m³ and a maximum digging height of 2700 mm. Weighs 1300 kg, making it robust yet compact for medium-duty tasks. Features an efficient backhoe design.

Transport 2325mm Engine KOOP192
Total width 1100mm Optional B & S, Changchai, Kubota
Upper width 990mm Main valve BEIFANG
Total height with roof top 2270mm Max. digging height 2700mm
Track width 180mm Max. Dumping Height 1840mm
Track gauge 920mm Max. digging depth 1710mm
Bulldozer height ground clearance 105mm Max. digging distance 2910mm
Bulldozer digging depth 270mm Min. radius 1530mm
Tail turning radius 795mm Max. height at min. turning radius 2100mm
Track grounding length 1050mm Operating 1300kg
Track length 1545mm Bucket capactity 0.025m3
Climbing capability 30° Working device form Backhoe
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