HT-10G Mini Excavator 2024

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Designed for moderate digging with a bucket capacity of 0.025 m³ and a KOOP 192 engine. Focuses on high fuel efficiency and environmental protection.

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High fuel efficiency,super power Saving energy and protecting environment.

Offers high fuel efficiency with a robust KOOP 192 engine. Features a bucket capacity of 0.025 m³ and a total weight of 1000 kg. Tailored for efficient use in both urban and rural settings.

Weight 1000kg Standard track plate width 180mm
Digging bucket capacity 0.025cbm/120kg Track gauge 750mm
Rotation speed 12RMP Wheelbase 884mm
Climbing capacity 30° Track ground length 962mm
Engine KOOP 192 Track length 1204mm
Optional Engine BRIGGS & STRATTON Minimum ground clearance 100mm
Main Valve Beifang Tail swing radius 810mm
Rated power 7KW Max. Digging height 2455mm
Overall length / transport length 4000/2380mm Max. Dumping height 1650mm
Overall width 940mm Max. Digging depth 1855 mm
Overall height (cab roof) 2268mm Max. Digging radius on ground 3050mm
Total track width 930mm Max. digging radius 3130mm
Main pump Parker
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